“We cannot shoot two points this way.”

05/16/2021 at 12:29 AM CEST

FC Barcelona has started this Saturday a bittersweet point in the difficult visit to the Jaén Paraíso Interior court (2-2) in a match marked by the increasingly traditional problems with fouls and by the very serious error by Ximbinha two seconds from the end that led to the equalization of Carlitos from 10 meters.

With five fouls in the locker, the Barça team had the ball with 11 seconds to go, but lost it and in their attempt to recover it the Brazilian hit the ball with his hand two seconds from the end in the center of the field and without any danger.

Little friend of bombastic statements, this time Andreu Plaza couldn’t hide his anger Before a play that cost a victory for which the team had worked in a sober match since Antonio’s goal in the first minute for the locals and he had no choice but to explicitly cite ‘Ximba’.

“We have made a mistake more than childish, a very serious mistake with the ball 11 seconds from the end. And when there were only two seconds left, we did a stupid thing that makes no sense and is inexplicable. In the end, so many 10 meters and so many stories and we tied, “complained the Girona coach.

“We are screwed not by the result, but by how it has been produced. We have to make it look. Losing a ball in the back of the court with two seconds left, trying to get it back and make hands is stupid of a caliber … and I don’t charge Ximbinha in particular. That can happen to anyone, but it can’t happen. We cannot shoot two points in this way! “, Continued the Barcelona coach.

Dídac deflected two ‘double penalties’, but could not with the third


“We had control of that game, we played back with the goalkeeper, nine seconds had been consumed and it was impossible for them to finish from there with the little time left. We do a very childish action of Ximbinha who tries to score the third goal with the risk that it entails taking five fouls. They have taken the ball from him. Hand, sixth foul and tie, “concluded Plaza on the action that decided the final result.

And it is that if Dídac had managed to deflect the two double-penalties that Carlitos had thrown (one in each part), in the third with the time practically fulfilled the Barça goalkeeper could not win the game against a teacher from 10 meters like ‘yellow’.

“We expected an intense and level game. Jaén has many resources in all aspects of the game and we were clear that it would be a difficult game that we controlled for a good part of the time. Dídac has made saves, but most of his long shots “, concluded a very annoying Andreu Plaza.

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