We can charge against ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ for this image: “The Ferreras label …”

Capture of the tweet from Podemos about the Al Rojo Vivo sign. (Photo: TWITTER WE CAN)

The Vox event in Vallecas continues to bring a queue almost 24 hours after the altercations between antifascists, neighbors and supporters of the Santiago Abascal party in the so-called Red Square of the well-known Madrid neighborhood.

All the media have echoed what happened at the event and all the parties have reacted to the clashes during the presentation of Rocío Monasterio as a candidate for the May 4 elections to the Community of Madrid, where a journalist was attacked from The HuffPost.

aIt has been the label of one of those media, specifically Al Rojo Vivo, the program that Antonio García Ferreras presents from Monday to Friday in the mornings of laSexta, which has raised blisters in Podemos.

The official account of Pablo Iglesias’ party, with 1.5 million followers on Twitter, has charged against the Atresmedia program for a sign about the Vallecas altercations.

In this label it could be read: “We can: the fault is Vox, which is causing.” And below some statements that the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, made on her Twitter profile about what happened.

“The residents of Vallecas defend their neighborhood from racism, machismo, lgtbiphobia, hatred of the poor. The problem belongs to those who whitewash the provocations and violence of the extreme right. More feminism, public services and decent employment so they don’t spread their hatred, ”Montero said shortly after the event.

On the commented text, Podemos has written: “The Ferreras label …”. All accompanied by three surprised faces.


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