“We can be champions if we are at the level”

05/14/2021 at 2:30 PM CEST


Luis Enrique Martinez, coach of the national team, assured, a month after the start of his participation in Euro 2020, that Spain can fight to be continental champion again if they are at the level they are supposed to be and the essential confidence is generated to qualify for everything .

The Spanish coach, speaking to the national team’s media, explained that he does not know how far he will go in the European tournament, if he will stay in the group stage or reach the final, but that he is clear that they will be “a very competitive rival. difficult, very uncomfortable and very complicated “for anyone.

“We continue to be a powerful brand in the world of football. Now, what are we trying to do? Recover and be able to imitate those who at the time were unique and achieved something that we had never achieved from a position in which the players who are aware are aware. We can be champions, of course we can. If we are at the level we are supposed to and we can even surpass it and we keep repeating the things we know but the level of confidence generates an upward line of performance, we can opt for everything. There is no doubt ” , he asserted.

He stressed that in terms of what his team does and his mentality he is “even surprised”, because he did not “expect to be at this level. He specified that young players of great value have appeared and that there is still “a very great potential to grow” and assumed the role of favorites they may have.

“I am not afraid to face that challenge, but we must then assess in the right measure what we are trying to do, what profile of players we have, a young team that wants to grow, that is hungry, that plays football well, that defends well “, said Luis Enrique, who declared that the favorite poster that he has in his group has to confirm” with results.

He commented on the first rival in the Eurocup, Sweden, on June 14, that they know her very well after meeting in the previous phase and that “now she even has the reinforcement of an important player such as Ibrahimovic“.

“He usually plays 4-4-2. We know what kind of game they usually do, but they know us very well too,” he said. Luis Enrique, who on Poland stated that “he has been changing his system against strong rivals, before whom he usually plays with five defenders” and pointed out that “the individual level of the players is high, with some references that we all know”.

In any case, in his opinion “most of the teams when they play” against Spain change their system and modify what the Spanish coaching staff had studied about them, and put the example of Greece and Kosovo at the beginning of the qualifying phase. for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

He assured that “he would have loved that Bilbao had been the headquarters (of Spain in the Eurocup), like everyone else, but once it was unfeasible due to the medical conditions that were imposed and could not be met” the fact of keeping the headquarters in the country and that it is Seville pleases him.

“For me it is the city that as a player I have participated with the national team the most times at home, and it is a place where the fans are hot, which is what we need. We are going to be backed and supported. They are going to be able to be that player. mythical 12 that we all commented on, “said the coach, who was also delighted to” play with the public again. “

“Curiously, with the national team we have played in Ukraine and Georgia with the public, but against it. If it motivates, if it can be in favor, it must be the repera,” Luis Enrique.

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