“We are taking the first steps towards what we want”

The Girona of Michel
Sanchez will play his first preseason match against Barça, probably a difficult and demanding first scenario that for the Madrid coach will serve to “have a lot
information about how our footballers compete and behave. It is too early to have an important idea, but it is a first test that will help us to get to know the player a little more ”.

“The sensations of these first ten days are very
positive. I see the team with a lot Energy and that it is taking the first steps towards the concepts we want and towards the identity we want for this season ”, he explained Michel, who also made a lot of assessment on the transfer market.

So far, the only new face has been that of Aleix Garcia, whom Girona has announced as its footballer today. “Aleix improves what we had. It’s a step forward, he can play 6 and 8 and meets all the conditions we want for a footballer in the center of the field, “said the Madrid, who insisted that” we all know how the market is and you have to patience. Depending on the importance of those who can leave we will have more or less arrivals. I believe that right now we have a good and important nucleus that we must surround in order to be a competitive team ”. “Girona is an appealing team and we have to wait for our moment in the market to get the options we think are appropriate.

Position by position

According to the goal it considers that it is “perfectly covered”. In the central, the setback in the form of injury to Santi Bueno has generated uncertainty. “It can be serious,” warned Míchel, who considers that “if there are no casualties, it is covered.” In the lateral the situation is less rigid, “there may be exits and entrances, the moment one leaves, another will have to arrive.”

In the midfield, the only position that has been strengthened to this day, the coach considers that there are “a lot of young and high-level people”, but he left the door wide open to incorporate “some more player, with the idea that he be dynamic and fit to want the ball as we want it ”. Up And in the bands the message is similar “the base is good, but if there are important exits they will have to arrive,” he insisted.

Young people in the spotlight

The Girona is taking hold of the subsidiary and even of the youth to do the preseason and following in the line of what Francisco already warned, Míchel considers that “right now I do not notice the difference between them and someone who has been in professional football for many seasons. Has me Surprised the level they are giving, which is according to the category they are in right now. The impression is very good, but this is about playing and tomorrow they will have an opportunity to demonstrate, “he said.

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