Mexico City.- After a virtual debate of the film community, in which they participated Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro González Iñárritu, with deputies from Brunette, led by Mario Delgado, it was agreed that the Fidecine it is not repealed, it continues.

“Fidecine stays”

This digital meeting called urgently on Thursday afternoon, was held to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of
Bill that proposed the disappearance of the Fidecine trust.

The filmmakers participated Guillermo del Toro, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Alfonso Cuarón, and Luis Mandoki, to name a few, according to the deputy Sergio Mayer, who gave the details of the meeting on his Twitter account.

Iñárritu was forceful:

“I think that here they have their best partners, on an intellectual, commercial level, partners who will give them positive accounts, it is us in every way.

We love Mexico, but we also understand perfectly that cinema is an art but it is also an industry ”.

They were also present Maria Novaro, director of IMCINE, Monica Lozano, President of the Mexican Academy of Cinema, as well as representatives of various sectors of cinema.

At the conclusion of the meeting Sergio Mayer reported:

“The Fidecine remains in the Law”.

“A working table is opened to strengthen the
cinematography in Mexico ”.

“The agreements and commitments of the IMCINE will be respected.”

These were the conclusions after a day of controversy and criticism.

The meeting is public and can be viewed here:

Previously, Maria Novaro had stated her position on her Twitter account, surprised because only a few days before, the version was different.

Guillermo del Toro had directly questioned Mario Delgado also by this means.

“Cinema is memory, and without memory it is not possible to exist.”

“Cutting these supports – or changing them permanently and without the agreement or consultation of the community – is not only unilateral and deeply blind, but it suffocates forever, the few forms of survival that exist for our cinema.”

Did you hear Guillermo del Toro claims Mario Delgado for trying to disappear the Fidecine