“We are going to make history again”

Yolanda Díaz, during her speech in the Congress of Deputies. (Photo: THE HUFFPOST)

Yolanda Díaz, third vice president and Minister of Labor, chaired this Thursday her first meeting of the United We Can Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies after the resignation of Pablo Iglesias.

A meeting in which Díaz has reviewed the achievements of the coalition government with the PSOE, the measures carried out during the pandemic and has encouraged his people to work because he says he is convinced that they are going to “make history again” and ” we are going to determine the future of this country for the next decade. “

“I’m sure of it. Of course, always hand in hand with the public res, without fear of differences “, said Díaz, who assures that” the public res is to place citizens in the center. “

“Let us love each other a little more, politics is a human connection and if it is not, we are going to be wrong” Yolanda Díaz.

“This space goes for all, we will for all,” has encouraged the vice president, who has opted for “humanizing politics.” “Let us love each other a little more, politics is a human connection and if it is not, we are going to be wrong,” he added.

Díaz has assured that his father always says that “the best thing in life is to be a good person” and has asked his people “never to forget where we come from and who we are.” “If we always keep it in mind, we will get it right.”

“This compass of not forgetting where we come from is the key to hitting the mark in times of turbulence,” said the Minister of Labor, who alluded to their level of demand.

“I am very demanding, even more. I want to ask the deputies for things, I ask you to work hard and well. I know we work hard and well, but we have to work more, we have to redouble all our energies as a Parliamentary Group and as a Government team, because we are going to continue doing hi …

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