“We are going to go to Dortmund to win the game”


04/07/2021 at 12:09 CEST

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola said at a press conference that they do not want to hold out for the result and that they will travel to Germany with the intention of winning the second leg. “We are going to Dortmund as we finished the game today. We will not go to defend, for sure. The intention will be the same: go to win the game. We’re going to adjust our pressure, our back start and our off-the-ball moves, ”he said.

An encounter that was not easy at all, Well, the ‘skyblue’ team took the victory thanks to a goal by Foden with the time practically fulfilled. “I want to congratulate the players. It was a real Champions League game. We were together until the end and we fought very well & rdquor ;, valued the Santpedor coach.” They had the chance for Haaland to draw, nothing more than this. Then I think in the second half we got on with it, we found the best version of Phil, he was brilliant. Unfortunately we couldn’t score at the time, but these things happen in this competition. I think we were able to create chances. In the end we won the game, which is very important & rdquor ;, he added.

And how could it be otherwise, the quarterfinals were not without controversy. However, Guardiola preferred to stay on the sidelines. “I prefer not to talk about the referees in the Champions League. I have a long list of things that have happened to me in this competition, so I think that in the end it is better not to talk& rdquor;, he admitted. However, Pep already has his mind set on the next challenge for City, the league match against Leeds United by Marcelo Bielsa.