Adara Molinero’s life had been stumbling since her stay in ‘GH VIP 7’, when she began to have feelings towards Gianmarco Onestini, her contest partner. Her relationship with Hugo Sierra ended in rupture and the former great sister began her idyll with the Italian., sharing stay with him during the beginning of the quarantine.

Adara Molinero and Rodri Fuertes in ‘GH 17’

But Onestini abandoned her because she said Adara was beginning to flirt with Rodri Fuertes. The Madrilenian denied it ad nauseum, but in an interview with Lecturas, she gave the news that her reality partner now occupies her heart. « We are getting to know each other slowly and have a great time« says Adara.

Rodri has been a great support for Adara in the months following his breakup with Gianmarco, which would have led to the flame of love between the two. Of course, it is clear that this news will be very important, because before releasing the bomb, he already anticipated that « Oh my! The one who is going to get involved… « .

Burying the hatchet with Hugo Sierra

In this interview, Miller also wanted to talk about where his relationship with Hugo Sierra is. « Hugo and I have already reached an agreement on the custody of our son. We have both done our part, I will always thank him, « he says. Despite the fact that he still feels some pain that this family project did not come to fruition, he explains that he still loves him very much like the father of her son.