“We are fed up with all the absurd deaths”

In front of the palace of the Buenos Aires courts, the claim for the constant rise of the most extreme cases of gender violence became visible once again. The femicide of Úrsula Bahillo It was the impulse that once again took to the streets the demonstrations seeking a response to the sexist attacks, but to the name of the murdered young woman from Rojas there are too many cases that expose permanent flaws in the victim protection system.

The voices in the march reflect that collective feeling of lack of institutional reaction to so many episodes: “We are fed up with all the absurd deaths in this country. I experienced gender violence in the first person and today I felt the obligation to come together with my daughter. The Criminal Procedure Code must be changed, so that once a man lays a hand on you, he is immediately imprisoned, ”said María Fernanda Alvárez, 51 years old.

Their position is similar to that commented by other women who participate in the convocation of Ni Una Menos, a demonstration that is replicated in several cities in the interior. Some four thousand people gathered a few minutes after 5 pm before the Buenos Aires courts and a few hundred more continued to approach later. Flags of left-wing groups and social referents of feminist organizations won the first places, but behind those party banners thousands of women sought with their spontaneous presence to mark a line against sexist violence.

In front of the palace of the Buenos Aires courts, the claim for the constant rise of the most extreme cases of gender violence became visible once again Hernán Zenteno – LA NACION

“What happens seems to me an aberration, it cannot be that abusive people, murderers and rapists go from one city to another as in the case of Úrsula. There has to be a change in all the institutions, especially in the judicial and police tasks, ”said Blanca, a 57-year-old woman.

Daiana, a young woman who came from Merlo as part of one of the groups that are organized to defend women’s rights, added: “We are the voices of the girls who are gone. It is impressive that every 23 hours a murdered woman dies, we demand justice and judicial and police reform with a gender perspective ”.

Also from the suburbs, 21-year-old Valentina Barroso approached: “Úrsula’s femicide is not an isolated case, It happens to us constantly. Injustice does not help us, because sexist violence persists. We don’t want there to be any other Úrsula ”. Close to her, Helena López, 40, said: “We demand for all femicides. We want judicial reform and this march shows that society is mobilized by social injustice ”. Both were located under a poster that issued one of the messages of the march: “The State is absent. The girls, present ”.

Patricia Nasutti, Úrsula’s mother, approached the convocation of Ni Una menos after meeting at the Casa Rosada with President Alberto Fernández

Úrsula’s mother approached the demonstration after participating in a meeting with President Alberto Fernández at the Casa Rosada. “We were very well listened to. We made the request that as a mother and as a father we need to be heard so that justice changes and so that there is no more Ursula ”, said Patricia Nasutti and commented on a promise made by the president:“ In two weeks the President will go to my humble home ”.

Canela was moved like so many others who participate in the call. “These marches make something run through my body. Complaints of gender violence seem to be useless, because they are still killing us and neither the police nor the institutions do anything, ”he said.

“We are here indignant. Again we have to demonstrate because every 23 hours there is a femicide. We ask for jail for the violent, ”said Marina Hidalgo, from the feminist organization Las Rojas.

Justice for Úrsula. The State is responsible ”. “Enough of Patriarchal Justice”. « Enough of police repression. » Under these slogans, the group Ni Una Menos marched this afternoon also through the streets of the city of La Plata.

« The state bureaucracy does not take seriously the risk denounced over and over again when evaluating the dangerousness of the aggressor if he has already had other episodes of violence, » said the organizers of the demonstration that was concentrated in front of the La Plata courts. These marches were repeated in Rosario, Córdoba and other cities in the interior.

The femicide of Úrsula Bahillo was the impulse that brought the demonstrations back to the streets Hernan Zenteno – LA NACION

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