“We are convinced that we will return to the Palau”

06/26/2021 at 8:07 PM CEST

Barça faces a game without a net this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. against Levante UD that could win the first title in its history his success repeated after the one he got last Thursday on penalties at the Palau.

In fact, the objective of team directed by Andreu Plaza It is none other than to tie the series so that the final is decided next Wednesday in the fiefdom of Barcelona in order to fight for what would be the fifth league in the section.

“I have told the players that this track behind us is set up so that we can come back on Wednesday. They have not taken it down, because I think the Federation trusts blindly that on Wednesday there will be a third game “, explained the FC Barcelona coach before traveling to Valencia.

“We have already done it more times, the series are very long and the first point does not guarantee you anything or deny you anything. It is another game, it will be another story. They will have pressure to win and we to return to the Palau. We are convinced that we will return “, stressed Plaza.

Y He resorted to a sad moment of the team of his city to fundamental his opinion. “Look, I’m from Girona. Girona won in Vallecas and it seemed that everything was sentenced, but in the end Rayo came up. We know how this works and we have no doubt that we will compete and there will be a third game at the Palau,” he reflected.

Aicardo tries to stop Esteban


As for your team, Plaza assured that he has seen them “angry, because they are aware that we left something on Thursday and it makes us angry to think what would have happened if we had not left anything. We have tried to make everyone understand that it is not a regular league game and that wasting a minute in a final is getting into trouble. “

“The key will be not to leave us anything. After the 1-0 and several saves from Fede maybe we thought it would be easier and the first part is wasted losing pressure and identity. Time passed and we left half a game, although in the second we made merits to win, “concluded a demanding Andreu Plaza.

Ferrao, for all

Author of two goals in the first game despite missing his penalty in the shootout, Ferrao will be key again and to a large extent Barça’s options to tie the final will depend on their performance in Paterna.

Ferrao celebrates a goal with Joselito


“We knew it was going to be difficult. We wanted to assert the track factor and it was not possible, but we want to return to the Palau and we are psyched to achieve it. We have total confidence that we can come back, “said the Brazilian..

“The defeat hurt us a lot for letting the track factor escape, but we have in mind that we can do it. We had to win two games to be champions and we remain the same. The only thing is that we can no longer fail, but the group is calm, you know what can you do and we will leave everything on the track to return to the Palau “, he insisted the best player on the planet The last two years.

“Barça is always there to win all the titles and that is what we have talked about, that we have a lot of experience to overcome this tie and that we have already done it other times. In the last league we won we went to Murcia losing 2-1 in the final and we go back. this season in the quarterfinals against Inter too“added Ferrao.

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