“We are a spectacular group, it is very difficult to beat us”

07/01/2021 at 6:04 PM CEST

Spain started the European Championship with many doubts, but in the last two games they have shown that they are not an easy team to beat. Aymeric laporte, one of the fixtures in Luis Enrique’s line-ups, has been the footballer in charge of serving the media in the preview of the quarterfinals against Switzerland, that last Monday he eliminated France against all odds, and has celebrated the step forward of the ‘Red’, although it has also warned that nothing has been achieved yet.

“All the games are very important. We have fought a lot to get here. Now everything will be final. The slightest failure will send us home. Our goal is to go as far as possible and that is to beat Switzerland tomorrow & rdquor ;, were his first words. The central Manchester City has rejected the tag “favorites & rdquor;. “All I know is that we are a very good team and that we have shown it in the last few days. We are a spectacular group, it is very difficult to beat us. We have been doing things well for many games, that’s why we are in the quarterfinals. Now we want more& rdquor ;, has pointed.

On the victory suffered against Croatia, Laporte has made self-criticism and has acknowledged that “we have analyzed the last 10 minutes against Croatia & rdquor ;, but he has also made it clear that, in his opinion, “We didn’t do it bad enough to fit twice & rdquor;. Still, “you can always improve things & rdquor ;. Questioned by the difficulty of passing the round conceding three targets, the defender has limited himself to saying that “In football, if you score more goals than your opponent, you win & rdquor;. “You cannot win 3-0 every day, especially in a competition like this. We have to be more attentive and correct some issues, but the important thing is to win and that’s what we did& rdquor ;, has added.

Aymeric did not want to analyze whether avoiding France has saved him emotional pressure: “Right now I am focused on Switzerland. All teams are equally difficult & rdquor ;. He personally claimed to be “Very happy to be in this team and share a group with this troop & rdquor; after “the players, the coaching staff and the president they welcomed me very well from the first minute& rdquor ;. Finally, the central defender praised Eric Garcia, Barça’s new signing. “We have been lucky enough to share a dressing room at City. He is a great player, very young, he has a lot ahead of him. We complement each other very well in every way. He’s right-handed and I’m left-handed and that helps us get the ball out & rdquor ;, he’s finished.

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