Hello everyone, I am Rubén Gil, Director of the Los Monasterios Tennis Club Tennis School. During these weeks I have been testing the new racket Tecnifibre T-Rebond Tempo 3, 255 gr, and I will tell you how it went with her and I will analyze you for what type of player it is aimed at. Perhaps this racket may interest our readers, either because they have a girl at home who wants to start in the world of tennis or because they fit within the profile to which it is directed, especially for players who are not very habitual or who are in the process of learning and have a slightly less high level since it is clearly not a racket for more experienced tennis players due to several aspects that I will detail.

First of all, it is a very light racket. Thus, when returning or generating blows against players who have a high level, it would lack some forcefulness on the ball. If as a player, you usually play or face other tennis players of a similar level to yours, something more “amateurs”, so to speak, this racket will come in handy since it will be much easier to handle it. If you are going to compete against other higher-level players, you may find yourself a bit disadvantaged against them. It is important to keep that in mind.

Then, it should be noted that it is a somewhat shorter racket. From my point of view what I have done is experiment with various players that we have at school, in order to apply this racket in its most appropriate context. We have used it in a 13-year-old player who has an initial level of tennis, performs well on flat-ground shots, rather a beginner level kick and volleys in the learning process.

After observing our player with the racket, I have seen that she managed to generate the force that is intended since she is in the process of learning. With a 645 head, it helps you have a better hitting tolerance and you can get the control you need. With this racket, above all we are going to benefit from its manageability, with which we will be able to improve the technical movements of our players.

The player has full control of the racket, manages to have the necessary awareness of the movements and this is helping in a remarkable way in her technique. Thanks to the manageability, we are getting the player to start in topspin shots. It also helps that being a somewhat shorter racket, allows you to have the closest hit to the hand, controls the distance better, and in turn, manages to control the movement of the racket head. This is, for me, a very positive point in starting players.

During the experiment, I myself tested it to see how the ball turned out and the truth is that it surprised me regarding its weight. Those tennis coaches who have an arm problem and need a light, manageable and bouncy racket, this racket is highly recommended.

As I said at the beginning, it is a racket that due to its characteristics, is aimed at beginning players. As a coach, I think it could be used by any Benjamin player, considering that nowadays junior rackets weigh 245 grams, the T-Rebond does not lose much weight either, only 10 grams. Combined with a multifilament and elastic string, We would get a good racket fusion and it would help our youngest players to get more power, without forgetting the good movements of the shots.

I have also tried it with a youngest player who already dominates all the shots and who was playing with a 245 gram junior racket. The change to T-Rebound has been positive, achieving greater speed of the racket head and greater power without forgetting control. In addition, it is an ideal size since for future senior rackets, the player will not notice the size change so abruptly and this will more effectively help the adaptation of the new racket.

Finally, if you were to ask me who else I would recommend this racket to, I would answer without hesitation to our senior players. That is, those who want to play tennis comfortably and making the least possible effort when making a shot, since in this way we will avoid future injuries.

I think it is ideal in this game context, since the speed of the blows is lower, which means that such heavy rackets are not required. Also, within the senior world, what we want is for them to play as many years as possible and to enjoy this fantastic sport such as tennis.

– Summary about the Tecnifibre T-Rebond Tempo 3 racket, 255 gr:

Ideal racket for initiation or competition players for young players
2 important features: slightly shorter than conventional racquets + 14×18 stringing plan to promote maneuverability and spin

It is very light
Recommended for ages 10-14 and / or learning the technique
Also recommended for players that the junior racket is already small and have a good level to move to a somewhat longer and slightly heavier racket
Due to its characteristics, it will also be very useful for elderly players who want to have a manageable racket and help them play with less effort.

I hope you liked the article. I think it may be something that helps many coaches when selecting the racket that our player needs to practice this sport. Greetings to all and thanks.