Today we bring the analysis of Superliminal, a game that you will like or not depending on how you look at it and that is that this simile comes into play for this title developed by Pillow Castle in 2019 and that now comes to Xbox One to make us think more of the account.

Superliminal is a game inspired by forced perspective. Using the ambiguity of depth, this puzzle game will allow us to explore a surreal world in the first person by manipulating objects in physical space according to their perspective.

We analyze Superliminal, everything is a matter of perspective


This title debuted on Sense of Wonder Night at the Tokyo Game Show in September 2013. The game was previously known as ‘Museum of Simulation Technology’.

Perception is reality in Superliminal

Superliminal we could sum it up in a few words, it is crazy for our brain, size, proportion, and points of view are the key to everything. It has references such as Portal so you can put yourself in context.

As for the story, it’s about a doctor who has developed a way to explore our mind through induced sleep. In the first measures the rooms that we generate will be simple and will serve as a tutorial But as in every self-respecting game, little by little things will get complicated.

The treatment does not seem to work or rather with our actions we get it to deviate when we go off the marked path, so we will end up stumbling from hallway to hallway to end up in rooms where we solve the different puzzles to open the next door and so on. The deeper we go into our sleep, the more system errors occur, leading us to go into loops and false awakenings, where we never get out of the dream.

We will have an AI that will provide us with small comments that they will not influence us in the future of the game, rather it makes a nod to the original film when it tells us that it is dangerous to go down to a depth of more than 5 dreams.


In the different mental tests that we will find we will have to reason absolutely everything what we find in the scenarios. From pieces of cheese, chess pieces, doors or even posters will be keys to place them in one way or another and be able to cross to the next mental test.

The way to carry out these actions is the least peculiar since, as we say, in the superliminal everything goes from perspectives where you think is above can be below, what is close can become giant or vice versa and on this premise all our strange dream will move.

We analyze Superliminal, everything is a matter of perspectiveWe analyze Superliminal, everything is a matter of perspective

What if I can tell you that the end will be very rewarding and it is that once you start to get the hang of a mechanic that we have to highlight it ends up being monotonous you will not want to stop until the end of this game.

We have some simple controls to be able to move around the scenarios in which to grab and drop objects when we think it will be really easy, once the perspective is taken and given the correct size to our objects we will only have to place them on a platform that will open the door or well use them to climb to the next window.

We analyze Superliminal, everything is a matter of perspective

Sometimes the perspective will cross the fourth wall having to position ourselves only in a certain way so that the object is fully formed and that is when we can grab it.

We highlight that there seem to be a thousand and one ways to overcome each levelIt will all depend on the way each player sees it.

Difficulty and Duration

In the first few bars Superliminal will be a challenge for our minds, especially until we begin to understand that perspective is the key. We will start by giving blind sticks expanding and reducing objects in an erroneous way but the truth is that once the trick is taken, everything will be much more fluid, so much so that we have an achievement of passing the game in less than 30 minutes.

The difficulty is increasing but since there are several ways to overcome each scenario it takes away some difficulty that together with the fact that the puzzles are almost a constant repetition, on many occasions as we enter the room we will already know what to do at a glance.

As for the duration, although it is true that if you are not familiar with this type of games it can take you a few hours to finish it at 100% of achievements, if you are an expert in perspectives and puzzle games in less than 2 or 3 hours you can finish it in a first pass.

Technical section

In the technical section it has lights and shadows since we will be facing a very simple game at a graphic level with somewhat repetitive scenarios and with little variety of objects in them, beware, I do not see this as something really negative since visually although fair, it looks pretty nice We will see a kind of corridors and hospital rooms from a bygone era that will break a little with the escape corridors where we will not be able to do anything but which we are grateful to find as we progress the game.

The highlight of these scenarios once again will be the perspective of how we look at them as it turns out really amazing going through a hallway to a door and see how it is impossible to get to it or how it gets tiny as you get closer.

We analyze Superliminal, everything is a matter of perspectiveWe analyze Superliminal, everything is a matter of perspective

Do not expect a pro soundtrack either, this time we will have a kind of elevator music from the eighties following every step we take. It is not annoying but it does not give us anything extra.

It has perfectly translated Spanish subtitles that, as I said before, are the ones that will show us the AI ‚Äč‚Äčthat does not provide us with anything except at certain points in the game to understand the story a little.

As we say don’t expect some amazing graphics or brutal special effects or an exciting soundtrack, in superliminal the premise of less is more they have taken it to the letter and it is that at a playable level it is sublime. The puzzles are exciting and many times somewhat complex. The operation of everything we find on stage works like a charm and that is where the strength of this game is, in Gameplay.


In short, Superliminal will crush our minds in a fantastic way. Although it is true that graphically he could have been asked for more or in terms of puzzles require a greater variety of mechanics … everything he does he does perfectly and will catch us for a good number of hours driving us crazy to see where all this dream takes us.


In favor

Challenging puzzles will hook us


Little variety of mechanics Graphically very fair