WBO orders Terence Crawford to defend welterweight title against Shawn Porter

The World Boxing Organization (WBO), the youngest of the top four to be accepted, is one of today’s most serious working agencies. Always with imperfections in their world lists, like the others, at least they have solid criteria when decreeing official aspirants and defenses to their champions, which is enough given the current situation.

This morning, the WBO has taken an important step to unblock the welterweight situation in general and Terence crawford (37-0, 28 KO) in particular. The Omaha man has one last contractual engagement with Top Rank in October, and it seems clear that, with all the accusations from Bob Arum of not knowing how to promote his fights and how little activity he has been offered, he will leave the company.

It remains to be seen if that October fight will be a mere formality or will comply with what is required today by the WBO, which is a defense of Crawford against Shawn porter (31-3-1, 17 KO). Being the contender of the competition, PBC, it is always a more difficult fight to achieve than sharing a promotion company and television platform, but it would be a more than interesting fight for viewers.

Porter is number two on the Organization’s world charts. Number one, Vergil ortiz, has a commitment on August 14 in front of Egidijus Kavaliauskas, so Paco Valcárcel’s men have chosen the most logical thing to do, offer the status of challenger to the next classified, in this case to Porter.

It’s a good move, as well as sporting, strategic, for the WBO, since Porter is number one on the WBC charts and number two on the IBF charts, titles held by Errol Spence prior to his date with Manny Pacquiao. Thus, it is ensured that Porter will be linked to the WBO for a few months. In the WBA rankings, which feature four !! Welterweight ‘world champions’, we found no sign of Shawn Porter. It will be that his manager does not “understand” with the organization …

According to the appointed body, the parties have a month to negotiate the conditions and reach an agreement when celebrating the clash; In case of not agreeing to it, a bid will be ordered for the organization rights of the same in a period to be determined in due course.

In the event of an auction, the economic distribution will be 60% -40%, favorable to Crawford. The Omaha man was scheduled to fight José Zepeda on October 23, but the WBO’s decision opens the door for him to finally box with a rival of recognized prestige.

For years, this duel has been on the table as possible, without materializing.

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