Waze reinvents itself and decides to update its navigation system, providing more attractive elements for users

GPS navigation systems have become an indispensable tool for carsIt greatly simplifies the life of drivers when it comes to moving to a destination, especially if it is unknown.

Waze It is one of the satellite navigation applications that has been positioned as one of the most used by motorists, and that is why it has decided to make a slight update by adding brighter colors and some changes to its interface. its icons.

According to Mashable, Waze It has modified from the logo to other aspects of the platform, offering a new aspect that seeks to provide better options to users of the program.

Another of the changes that the platform has made is found in the blobs, the typical “characters” on wheels that have received a design change in an effort by the company to “make them more expressive”.

Users will be able to choose between more than 30 diferent

The new Waze update seeks to strengthen inclusion and connection among drivers.
Credit: Courtesy Waze.

is “moods”, where you can find from the happy face to the one that shows anger, to add it somewhere on the road.

More moods may be added in future Waze updates so users have a wide range of options when wanting to express some context along the way.

They have also been added various colors such as blue, yellow, mint green, purple, and red throughout the various menus in the application, as well as other options within the program.

“Waze is home to the world’s largest driving community, and we’ve always used the power of people to make the road more fun. This brand update encompasses that Waze visual experience with a new map design, new moods to capture the infinite variety of emotions we all feel while driving, and a vivid color palette that celebrates the joy that always we try to toast. We hope that our new look will remind users of the magic of our community and how we work together to improve, ”he said. Jake Shaw, Chief Creative Officer at Waze.

The update is already being sent around the world, but as always happens in these situations, the improvement is being applied gradually, so you will have to be patient and wait for the update to arrive in your area.

The developers have decided to add more colors to the program to create a “friendlier ecosystem” for users, who use this program day by day whether you are moving or working in a transport service.


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