Wayne Griffiths will be the new president of Seat, according to information advanced by the Automotive Tribune and Diari Ara. Griffiths has been Seat’s commercial vice president since September 2016, Cupra’s CEO since January 2019 and chairman of its Board of Directors since March 2020.

The presidency of Seat has been living in a temporary situation since Luca de Meo resigned in January this year to sign for Renault. The position is currently held by Carsten Isensee, although the intention of the Martorell manufacturer is to make a definitive appointment in the coming days.

According to the Automotive Tribune, Seat could announce Wayne Griffiths’s name as early as September 23. The intention would be that he begins to exercise the position of president as of October 1.

Griffiths will assume the position and the challenges that it entails: continuing the exceptional sales figures of recent years, expanding the profit margin of each vehicle, dealing with the new restrictions on polluting gas emissions or advancing the electric car, still incipient in the company’s range.

Born in the UK in 1966, Wayne Griffiths began his career at his family’s dealership. He joined the Volkswagen Group in 1989 at the hands of Audi, a firm in which he would work for more than two decades with a brief interruption between 1991 and 1993, when he was at Seat.

Before finally joining the Spanish brand, Griffiths was responsible for Audi’s sales network in Germany. At Seat, he has held the functions of commercial vice president since September 2016. In recent years he has been a mainstay of Cupra, first as CEO and now also as president of its Board of Directors.

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