Yesterday April 1st It was April’s Fool one more year, that day when, especially in English-speaking countries, they have a habit of playing pranks on everyone, telling stories in such a credible way that in the end it is difficult to think they are a lie, although be. Networks in general and some video game companies through them -especially indies- are not unaware of this phenomenon and sometimes contribute by falsely announcing games in development that they know can be easily credible (although sometimes that is playing with fire, but anyway), as happened with a supposed new Ducktales. That is why, when yesterday appeared on the Wayforward website that a game called exotically Cat Girl Without Salad: Amuse Bouche It was going to be released on Nintendo Switch seemed to have all the ballots to be a joke; It is not surprising either because this game was conceived years ago as an April’s Fool joke, however, look where the joke finally came true and not only became a bizarre game that combines genres as disparate as shoot’em up, music beat, rpg and racing with multiple references to other sagas, but in fact it has been published in the eShop of the hybrid console, as you can well see if you visit the virtual store, being available for € 7.10.

Cat Girl Without Salad: Amuse-Bouche is the first taste of an exciting new gaming franchise. Follow Kebako, a cat-eared intergalactic bounty hunter, as she patrolls the galaxy alongside her faithful companion Squiddie in search of the most ridiculous space criminals. The game combines classic shmup shots with additional genres like puzzle, sports, arcade, platformer, rhythm, driving, and RPG. Take on the worst of the galaxy in a hilarious action game unlike anything you’ve ever played before!

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