‘Saturday deluxe’ has started the month with one of the most anticipated reunions. The main course of the program led by Jorge Javier Vázquez on the night of July 4 it was none other than the direct confrontation between Adara Molinero and Gianmarco Onestini, whose relationship and subsequent breakup have given rise to dozens of headlines, and now to a festival of knives that have flown both ways.

Adara and Gianmarco in ‘Saturday deluxe’

To break the ice before face-to-face, the presenter openly asked the ‘GH VIP 7’ winner if her ex « peeled it » and she, laughing, couldn’t agree more: « Very much. » he proceeded to state his version of the facts about the breakup, emphasizing that the Italian « misinterpreted » his conversations with Rodri Fuertes, with whom he currently has a relationship. « Then we started talking more and more until what has happened has happened, » said Miller about his former partner in ‘Big Brother 17’, whom he has tried to keep out:He doesn’t want to go out in all this, he has his job.  »

After that introduction, Gianmarco took the floor to, first of all, promote the recent publication of his song « Maracaná ». « It’s a chestnut, but it’s catchy« Adara reflected on the single. A few attacks later, Jorge Javier did not take long to bring up the subject of sex, in which the young woman did not hesitate to get wet when she stated that her ex did not offer a great performance in bed: « He is passionate, but he lacks a little experience. « 

Couple conflicts

« This boy is a little dirty, And there are things that I do not, « confessed the Madrilenian, who also added that she had never achieved full satisfaction with her ex: »I never came to orgasm with him. He realized that I was not coming and he did not care. « And as if that were not enough, he also pointed out that Gianmarco did not kiss well, before which his interlocutor could not remain silent: » You have played with feelings and you do not have the courage to look me in the eyes after the lies you tell. «