Yesterday Apple presented many news about the Apple Watch. In addition to the new generation of Apple Watch, the Series 6, Apple introduced a new way to use the watches of the little ones. A configuration that is called Family Setup and allows the same iPhone be linked to more than one Apple Watch and that each watch maintains its phone number and account. In addition, Apple has announced the Apple Cash Family, so that even the smallest can use Apple Pay.

Apple Cash Family, a simplified way to use Apple Pay

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Remember that in the Family Setup function we use the same iPhone to configure our children’s Apple Watch. One of the sections of this configuration is Apple Cash Family, a system through which we can send money to an Apple Watch in “child” mode so that it can be used through Apple Pay.

With the new Apple Cash Family, parents can safely send money to their children to spend on their watch using Apple Pay. Parents can choose to receive notifications when their children pay, and view their children’s purchases directly in the Wallet app on their own iPhone.

With this system parents can be aware of what money is being spent from the clocks of the smallest in the house and on what. Also avoid the risks of setting up full Apple Pay on these watches.

The system works with up to 5 family members and supervision can be assigned to two people. This monitoring includes configuring access limits to the Apple Cash balance as well as to whom the money can be sent.

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With this mechanism, the Family Setup function makes even more sense. Not only does it configure the Apple Watch as a method that we can always be in contact with our children but it also allows us to give them certain financial resources, even on demand and in real time, according to needs.

Share Watches in Family Setup mode will be able to use Apple Pay through Apple Cash Family