Watch your registration: you can be penalized up to 6,000 euros


ACD avatar ACD June 23, 2021

The bad condition of your car’s license plate or your attempt to modify it can be punished with fines of up to 6,000 euros.

With all the regulations that exist in relation to the car, it does not hurt that every so often the most clueless drivers are reminded. We are all clear that exceeding the established speed limits can lead to a financial penalty and perhaps the loss of license points, but What about car license plates? Do we know the regulations that regulate them?

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has once again used social networks to remind motorists that they can receive a fine of up to 6,000 euros (and the loss of 6 driving license points) if certain prohibited practices are carried out with this element of the car.

Bring the illegible license plate: 200 euros

The environmental label can lead to losses of more than two million eurosThus, those drivers who have tampered with the license plate of their vehicles, changing numbers or letters, for example, they can be fined with that amount, since it is assumed that the manipulation has been done to avoid traffic fines issued by radars, both speed and otherwise.

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This manipulation also includes the use of license plate concealment systems or carrying a plate that does not belong to the car in question. This practice can even be considered a crime of document falsification, which can add to the penalties indicated. jail terms from six months to three years.

In addition, driving without a license plate or wearing it not visible or not legible can expose us to a fine of 200 euros (although not to the subtraction of points of the driving license). The regulations already say so (Article 10 of the Law on Traffic, Motor Vehicle Circulation and Road Safety): the motorist must “verify that the vehicle registration plates do not present obstacles that prevent or hinder their reading and identification.” Failure to do so constitutes a serious offense.

Car license plates: Did you know they started in Spain?

The good condition of the license plate is the responsibility of the driver. Thus, DGT recommends reviewing this element of the vehicle from time to time in order to know if it needs to be repaired and not violate the regulations

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