Yi’s WiFi surveillance camera is fully compatible with the Xiaomi Home environment, very versatile and now it can be yours at an irresistible price

Do not get carried away by these alarmist alarm announcements -value the redundancy-, because protecting our home is very important both when we go on vacation and every time we leave home, but have a mobile video surveillance service is not that expensive as it might seem.

In fact, is that the Mi Home ecosystem comes to the rescue always with simple ideas and minimalist products, well integrated into an online service full of functionality and following that mantra of « don’t be greedy » that allows us to buy interesting gadgets at the best price. In this case, a WiFi video surveillance camera of around 20 euros… Yes yes, 20 euros!

You will not find anything cheaper and functional to monitor your home from your smartphone

Xiaomi Home lives not only on camcorders, and is that the platform for the home of the Chinese giant is also compatible with multiple sensors and detectors that will allow completing a most reliable security system. In any case, the cameras are the star devicesEspecially since they combine many functionalities and in this case they are available at laughable prices.

This Yi camera is in fact 100% compatible with the Xiaomi ecosystem, and for 20 euros it offers us streaming video in real time on the smartphone, with capacity for move your sensor 360 degrees from anywhere and at any time with only a controller available in the mobile app and thus allowing us to see what happens in our home in high definition.

Not only that, and it is that It has a speaker that will allow us to speak from anywhere to our pet or to anyone who is at home at that moment, simply by pressing a button in the app and talking on the smartphone, and also detects movement and can record video if we insert a standard microSD memory card to keep a copy of everything that has happened.

With the permission of robotic vacuum cleaners, video surveillance cameras are undoubtedly the star devices of any smart home, allowing us to control our home from our mobile anywhere and anytime

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Detection modes are fully programmable so that you don’t receive notifications when you don’t want to, and without a memory card the camera is also capable of save up to 10 seconds of video every time it detects movement totally free on the Xiaomi Home platform, always within the last 7 days.

Your lens is a 110 degree wide angle with 4x digital zoom and night view mode thanks to a system of eight infrared LEDs, and allows recording video at 1080p and 20 frames per second.

It is also totally compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, having skills in the Amazon smart assistant to directly see what the camera shows on an Echo Show screen.

And if this were not enough, it has smart modes like baby crying detection to monitor the sleep of our newborns, all in a minimalist design that does not clash in any part of the home and can be placed on a flat surface without effort.

The best thing is that Amazon Spain is available for just over 20 euros, € 21.24 to be exact, and the friends that you read to us From Latin America you are also lucky because AliExpress offers it for $ 25.99 with shipping to your countries. Don’t miss out on such an offer!

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