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Last year, Capcom and Tencent announced their collaboration to bring Street Fighter to the mobile sector with a suitable proposal for that type of device, which is titled Street Fighter: Duel. The months passed and little was known about this title until today as the Chinese company revealed a new preview of this installment.

Through a post on his official Twitter account, Daniel Ahmad, analyst at Niko Partners, shared the new trailer for Street Fighter: Duel presented by Tencent Games. Given the circumstances, Yoshinori Ono, the person in charge of the legendary fighting games franchise, was unable to present the game, at least not in person, but this was not an impediment for its virtual version to show us the game in action.

Street Fighter: Duel is an action, strategy and card game that features PvE or PvP battles in a world inspired by the entire history of Street Fighter. In it, we will be able to control many of the iconic characters of the franchise and while the game has fighting mechanics, it also has strategic elements that can tip the scales.

Likewise, the special movements have their own mechanics to unleash devastating attacks and at times a sequence will start with Quick Time Events that, in addition to being colorful, will give a touch of emotion to the most important confrontations.

So far, Street Fighter: Duel has no release date.

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