Apple Watch Series 6

Apple has started the conference by highlighting the advantages of the Apple Watch, just before showing the Apple Watch Series 6. The company debuts a bunch of new finishes, including one in blue, one in gray, and one in red just like the iPhones with the Product Red series. This new model measures the oxygenation level in blood in just 15 seconds, bringing it to the same level of functionalities offered by other companies, where even the Mi Band 5 measured the level of oxygen in the blood.

Inside is its new dual-core S6 processor based on the Apple A13 Bionic, which is 20% faster. It can measure altitude in real time, and it is two and a half times brighter in full sun, allowing you to see it more comfortably. We also have sleep tracking, water resistance to use while swimming, and WiFi 5.

At the software level we also have a multitude of new watchfaces, including one based on memojis, another inspired by racing timers, and a long etcetera. There will also be other oriented ones if you do a lot of swimming, if you are a photographer (being able to see the golden hour), or if you are a doctor to see your appointments. We also have a new silicone strap in different sizes called the Solo Loop, as well as a braided and an improved leather strap.

The new model also has Family Setup, where with a single iPhone you can configure several Apple Watch. The work will be available from its launch in Spain. The company will also offer Apple Fitness +, with a multitude of exercises to follow on the iPhone while integrating all the information of our activity, such as pulse or calories. Activities included are running, walking, dancing, rowing, and even yoga, among others. You can follow the activities wherever you want and even without having to have equipment nearby, and it has a mode for beginners to get started. The function is accessible from iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. The service will cost $ 9.99 per month or $ 79.99 per year. It will not be available in Spain at launch. If you buy an Apple Watch, you will receive 3 months free.

The Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $ 399. The Apple Watch Series 3 will continue to be available from $ 199. The Apple Watch Series will not include a charger, being its idea to be neutral at the level of contamination in 2030.

Apple Watch SE

Apple has also introduced a cheap Apple Watch called Apple Watch SE. It has an S5 processor, in addition to having a 4G connection. It has the same sensors as the Series 6, including the altimeter or GPS. Its price starts from $ 279.

Both the Series 6 and the SE can be pre-ordered today, and will be on sale starting Friday.

Apple one

This new Apple plan will offer several Apple services in the same pack: iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, Apple News + and Apple Fitness +. Pricing starts at $ 14.95 for the individual plan, up to $ 29.95 per month for the Premier where their services are available, including 2TB of iCloud.

iPad 8th generation

Apple has renewed the iPad with the new 8th generation 10.2-inch iPad, with the Apple A12 Bionic inside. It is 40% faster than the previous model at the CPU level, and twice as fast at the GPU level. They also include the Neural Engine for the first time on the iPad. It is also compatible with the Apple Pencil, in addition to including iPadOS 14 with all the improvements at the AI ​​level to recognize shapes, text or selections.

Its price starts at $ 329, and $ 299 for the education sector. It can be ordered from today, and will be on sale this Friday.

iPad Air 4: totally redesigned

Apple has also redesigned the iPad Air, with a design more similar to that of the iPad Pro, with which it shares magnetic support for the Apple Pencil. The screen is 10.9 inches in the same size of the previous model, with a resolution of 2360 x 1640 pixels, in addition to True Tone and reproduction of the DCI-P3 spectrum. The fingerprint reader with Touch ID happens to be on the unlock button, similar to what we are seeing on mobile phones.

IPad Air has a connector USB C, plus 7 MP front camera, Smart HDR, 1080p video at 60 FPS. The rear is 12 MP, capable of recording in 4K at 60 FPS, being the same as the iPad Pro. We also have dual speakers to enjoy more multimedia content.

Apple A14 Bionic: first 5nm processor

The new processor included is the A14 Bionic 5nm that will equip the next iPhone with 11.8 billion transistors, 40% more than the previous 7nm chip. It has 6 cores, with 4 low-power and 2 high-performance. The chip is 40% faster, and it also features a GPU that is 30% more powerful. The chip also includes improvements in AI and in the Neural Engine with up to 10 times more data that it is capable of processing.

The new iPad Air 4 starts in 599 dollars, and will be on sale from October.

iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and watchOS 7 they will be available from tomorrow.