Watch PUP perform live at the new “Tiny Desk (Home) Concert” concert series.

PUP have performed live as the latest guests on the ‘Tiny Desk (Home)’ concert series.

The group, which played from inside Stefan Babcock’s living room in Toronto, played a set that spans their career, playing songs like ‘Rot’, ‘Kids’, ‘Reservoir’ and ‘Scorpion Hill’.

Babcock joked on social media: « NEWS – Neighbors are very upset after the band decides to do a @nprmusic Tiny Desk session live from the singer’s one bedroom apartment. »

You can see the full 17-minute set below.

Speaking of the title of their latest six-track EP, ‘This Place Sucks Ass’, frontman Stefan Babcock says it refers to a joke the band would frequently make when arriving in a new city on tour.

« Literally any city, whether it’s Lethbridge, Alberta, or New York, we’d be like, ‘This place stinks of asses.’ We have so much negativity, and sometimes it gets so extreme and ridiculous that we start to find it funny. But right now, it is it feels so fucking real, « Babcock explained in a press release.

« Wherever you are, it sucks right now. So, wherever you live, whatever your circumstances, this is an EP about where you came from, and where you are now. Everything sucks and that’s fine. , because it sucks for everyone, and we can improve it a bit by being in shit together. « 

PUP’s third album ‘Morbid Stuff’ arrived in 2019. In a four-star review, NME called the album a « refreshing, sarcastic antidote to fighting misery with the usual greeting card and motivational poster sentiment. » .

« Morbid Stuff » secures PUP’s position at the top of today’s punk rock pile. By avoiding the feel-good charade of some of their peers, they’ve accomplished something far more unifying than nonsensical post-punk platitudes. After all, sometimes when you feel like shit, it’s more fun kicking dirt around. «