BDY’s new car is inspired by the Tesla Model 3 and will feature 5G connectivity in addition to aids to promote advanced driving

The cars Chinese have begun to emerge little by little in Europe and for no one it is a secret that the Chinese proposals have been very attractive in all aspects, both in technology, performance and price.

Now China offers a new high-end electric sedan, which aims to become a strong rival for Tesla. The automotive firm BYD It has been proposed to launch a new luxury sedan that, in addition to being electric, will be powerful and fast, elegant and distinguished, and from which an autonomy of more than 600 kilometers is expected.

It’s about the new Han EV a car with elegant lines, a small grill, completely faired, and elongated headlights. The car will be able to reach a 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds, something that gives you the skills of a sports car. Something that really surprises about this new proposal is a range of 605 kilometers, with a full charge.

Han EV 2020.
Credit: BDY Courtesy.

The promising electric car will arrive in Europe with a starting price of around 45,000 euros, taking into account that the Tesla Model 3 starts at 49,000 euros.

According to the images he has shared BYDThis electric sedan and aspiring rival to Tesla has also used a design inspired by that of the Tesla Model 3, but also following the trends that are already being standardized in the industry.

According to the Diaiomotor portal the Han EV It has a modern dashboard, but of a more traditional design, on which a large horizontal screen has been installed, like a tablet, from which the entertainment and navigation system and many other functions will be controlled.

With this luxury vehicle, BDY has opted for traditional, albeit fully digital, instrumentation, in addition to autonomous driving aids and 5G connectivity.


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