Watch out! Couple of attempts to steal PS5 from buyers captured on video

By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 11/28/2020 10:00 am

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The PS5 it is one of the most coveted consoles for the end of this year. However, due to the problems that COVID-19 has caused, there are not many units available at the moment. In this way, some people have tried to rob buyers. But nevertheless, there are two specific cases where things were not favorable for the criminals.

The first of these cases happened in Burnaby, Canada, where a group of subjects tried to assault a person who was trying to sell them a PS5. At the time of initiating the transaction, the seller was attacked with a spray designed to scare away bears. Fortunately, this did not work, and the attackers received their punishment.

Meeting up to sell a PS5 goes wrong, attempted bear spray on seller from PublicFreakout

The following video was captured with England, where an Amazon employee was recorded stealing a PS5 from a family. At the time of downloading some packages, the delivery man realized what he was going to deliver, and at that moment he decided to keep the precious console. But nevertheless, their act was recorded, and Jenni Walker, who ordered the piece of hardware to give to her son, managed to report the theft. Although the person responsible was fired, the console was not recovered, and Jenni only received her money and a gift card.

Without a doubt, these are regrettable acts that affect buyers and put people’s lives at risk. Hopefully these are the last cases of this type. In related topics, the PS5 records your voice every time you unlock a trophy. Similarly, this is what happens when you put a PS5 disc in a PS4.


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