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On warning there is no cheating and as announced a month ago, Nintendo and Game Freak have started banning players who are purposely disconnected in a Pokémon Sword & Shield game to take advantage of an exploit that allows them to manipulate their win scores. and defeats.

According to a report by Nintendo Everything, users in Japan reported that they have suffered permanent banning in Pokémon Sword & Shield after intentionally disconnecting from a session against another player, an act considered by the Nintendo security system as taking advantage of an exploit that became known by the community weeks ago.

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As we inform you, this existing problem in Pokémon Sword & Shield has generated problems among users of the competitive mode as certain players decide to disconnect before the end of a confrontation to manipulate their records of victories and defeats so that they are always favorable. Specifically, players disconnect just before winning, so the loser does not add points but neither does he lose them, while the winner does register an increase in his score, so that both obtain a benefit that impacts their ranking.

Unfortunately, Game Freak has not solved this situation through software and it seems that the only option there is at the moment is to apply a punishment to those who take advantage of this situation.

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