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Watch Dogs Legion, UbiSoft does its homework

Thanks to Xbox Spain I have been able to test Watch Dogs Legion in X series, which should be one of the best versions of the UbiSoft game. Unfortunately, the contact was not as good as I would have liked.

Sensations found

The 30FPS, after enjoying it very strongly with games like NBA 2K21 and Gears of War 5, much higher in this sense, weigh like a rock. Of course, after a few hours of play you get used to it, especially considering that they are 30FPS more stable than an adult oak, that the drawing distance is as far as the eye can see and that there is no polygonal popping, at least that I have been seen.

4K allows for an abusive level of detail, both in the characters (beware of the textures of the skin and body hair, as well as the clothes) and in the buildings (pay attention to the brutal collection of graffiti a la Banksy or the walls filled to the brim with sticks), resulting in a magnificent recreation of London in which places like Camdem or Trafalgar Square are tremendously recognizable. The icing on the visual cake is the Ray tracing, in puddles and other reflective surfaces, which constitutes the Next-Gen touch that, although I personally do not think that it compensates for the lack of 60FPS, it does raise the general level.

An open world full of protagonists

About the game itself, Watch Dogs Legion places us in a futuristic, hypertechnological London, packed to the brim with electric cars (with automatic pilot that you can activate to reach your next goal) and drones that monitor the population, which has suffered a brutal attack in which thousands have died people blaming Dedsec, the secret group of hackers dedicated to uncovering global corruption.

Controlling people who Deadsec has helped in the past (hence the Legion title), as the few members of Deadsec that remain alive are in search and capture, in Watch Dogs Legion we control anonymous heroes who want to end the culture of terror and control of the government and corporations.

Hack and combat

Gathering evidence, exposing the truth, or directly confronting law enforcement, Watch Dogs Legion puts us in a world full of technology, police and electric cars in which we can take advantage of the hyperconnection of people to achieve the objectives of Deadsec. Thus, in addition to the possibility of enlisting ordinary citizens, once we impress them properly, the rest of the mechanics of theWatch dogs, based on hacking, are present in this Watch Dogs Legion. The result is a world teeming with life in which one can interact with almost everything… and with almost everyone.

A good snack for the Next-Gen

Thanks to its 4K and use of Ray Tracing, Watch Dogs Legion looks great and can easily be considered one of the best brand new titles for your X series, although the one that does not have 60FPS leaves a bitter aftertaste, especially after having enjoyed titles like Gears of War 5 or NBA 2K21, which make it clear where to put the measuring stick in this Next-Gen.