Watch Courteney Cox and Idris Elba rap with Connor Price

This is Courteney Cox and Idris Elba’s rap. Recently, the Friends performer had a surprise appearance in a music video named after her.. The song was composed by actor and musician Connor Price, who wanted to pay tribute to his favorite childhood actress.

According to Entertainment Weekly -the medium in which they released the clip-, the collaboration arose in the most unlikely and funny way: Elba launched a challenge on Instagram, creating a freestyle and asking her followers to continue her composition. Price uploaded his suggestion and Idris contacted him immediately. When they were both on board and the track was finished, they sent it to Cox, who contributed a snippet, curious that someone had written a song about it.

“Should I feel flattered?”, Asked the comedian in a statement for the portal, assuring later the following:

«I think the song has a great beat. Connor and Idris are very talented.

rap courteney cox idris elbaThe video for the song “Courteney Cox.”

The truth is that so that Cox could do his part, a key piece was his partner, Johnny McDaid, from the band Snow Patrol, who helped her produce the part that would be integrated into the final product:

Well, let’s say that if the couple weren’t a musician, it wouldn’t have happened. Johnny gave me a foundation so that I could follow her.

Finally, it only remains to point out that the rap by Courteney Cox and Idris Elba will be the last time the actress shows her talent for rhymes, since She herself clarified that it is highly probable that this chapter will be closed for now.

Courteney Cox Idris Elba rap

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