Watch Chicago’s Trial of 7 for free

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Chicago 7 trial, Netflix commemorates this event by showing the movie The Chicago 7 trial for free through its YouTube channel.

The film, written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, is set in 1969, in the nearly one-year trial of young men accused of conspiring to incite violence during the protests against the Vietnam War that took place within the framework of the National Convention Democrat in 1968.

On February 18, 1970, a verdict was reached for the seven defendants, thus leaving a precedent that would later be carried into popular culture through different ways, either with art by Richard Avedon, Robert Crumb, David Hammons, as well as fiction films and documentaries themselves that began production just months apart from when the events happened in the 1970s. On the other hand, various plays also addressed such events.

Here is also a message from cast and director Aaron Sorkin about the film and the event around The Chicago 7 trial, which you can see for free HERE.

The film will be free on YouTube until Sunday, February 21 at 2 in the morning.


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