Washington Wizards win over Charlotte Hornets 115-110

05/16/2021 at 10:21 PM CEST

Washington Wizards managed to prevail as a local against Charlotte hornets 115-110 on a new NBA day. The locals come from getting the victory at home against Cleveland Cavaliers 120-105, completing a three-game winning streak in their last five games, while the visitors lost away with New York Knicks by 118-109, so after the match they accumulated six defeats in a row. Washington WizardsAfter the game, he is currently out of the Play-off positions with 34 games won out of 72 played. For its part, Charlotte hornets it would be left out of the play-off positions with 33 victories in 72 games played. Follow the NBA rankings after the duel.

The first quarter featured both contenders, with alternations on the scoreboard, in fact, the visitors achieved a partial of 11-1 during the quarter, although in the end the visiting team ended up distancing themselves and concluded with a result of 22-36. Later, during the second quarter, it reduced differences Washington WizardsIn fact, the team achieved a partial 11-2 during the quarter, which ended with a partial result of 30-20. After this, the teams reached the break with a 52-56 on the counter.

In the third quarter the players of Charlotte hornets They increased their difference, in fact, they achieved a 12-0 partial during this quarter and reached a difference of 15 points (69-84) and ended with a partial result of 27-34 and a 79-90 total. Finally, the last quarter again had several movements on the scoreboard and the quarter ended with a partial score of 36-20. After all this, the players closed the electronic match with a result of 115-110 in favor of the locals.

Along with all this the players of Washington Wizards that stood out the most in the confrontation were Russell westbrook Y Bradley Beal, who had 23 points, 10 assists and 15 rebounds and 25 points, four assists and six rebounds respectively. For their part, the visiting team stood out Terry rozier Y Lamelo Ball for his interventions in the game, with 22 points, nine assists and nine rebounds and 19 points, five assists and seven rebounds respectively.

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