Washington gives away marijuana for those vaccinated against COVID-19

June 9, 2021


The Washington State Board of Liquors and Cannabis approved a temporary grant for cannabis retailers to offer “Joints for Jabs” promotions to support local vaccination efforts.

Promotions allow it to be provided for free a marijuana cigarette to an adult client who received a COVID-19 vaccine at a vaccination clinic in the cannabis store.

In this way, marijuana joins the list of incentives offered to any adult who receives the COVID-19 vaccine. The idea is to persuade more people to get vaccinated.

Brian Smith, a member of the state committee that regulates the marijuana sector, indicated that “this was a great step for us, because to my knowledge, we have never allowed the gift of marijuana or cannabis to any adult consumer. But this was a step because we thought we had some decent controls. “

The program runs until July 12.


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