Was it to Belinda? Christian Nodal asked permission to do a duet

Was it to Belinda?  Christian Nodal asked permission to do a duet (Instagram)

Was it to Belinda? Christian Nodal asked permission to do a duet | Instagram

The famous singer and boyfriend of the artist Belinda, Christian Nodal revealed in recent days some details about the new duet that was released just last Sunday, “Tell me how you want”, in the company of Angela Aguilar, for the one who confessed had to seek the approval of someone very important.

The controversy again around the subject did not wait and users immediately questioned if Belinda would agree with the project of her beau? This since, as has been seen, the couple spends much of their time together and the duet together with another beautiful and young artist would provoke the jealousy of the pop star.

Was the same Christian nodal who confirmed that he would have had to seek the approval of someone very important to carry out his plans.

He even shared how this made him feel as it was not an easy task and confessed that he felt nervous and “his hands sweated”.

However, this person is not the singer of Spanish origin, as came to be raised in many of the comments.

He is the father of the young promise of regional music, the renowned Pepe Aguilar who is very aware of his daughter’s career and in the end gave the green light for the realization of this collaboration.

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The interpreter of “Adiós amor” reveals that since he composed the song he thought of Ángela Aguilar to carry out this duet, however at first he felt scared when he did not know the reaction that the singer would have.

I asked Pepe Aguilar for permission obviously because he takes great care of Ángela’s career and I have a lot of respect for him, ”Nodal commented in an interview on the program“ Hoy ”.

He told me I was very pretty. When I sent him the song he liked it, he liked it a lot and then he said ‘well, but you have to see the musical arrangements’. And I already started making the music, producing that and when I finished it, I sent him the idea ”.

During the video scenes you can see Flor Silvestre’s granddaughter wearing a beautiful red dress while Nodal did not leave aside her characteristic black hat, the new song portrays the drama of an unrequited love that despite the character’s efforts he fails to conquer the beautiful girl.

It didn’t take long for the new song, “Tell me how you want”, quickly positioned itself on the YouTube platform, crowning itself in the first place of the trends.

At first, the duo that formed Nodal and Ángela caused a great impact among social network users, the lyrics of the song and mainly that the Mexican artist appeared trying to conquer another music star.

And although they only acted the story of the video clip, they did not miss the opportunity to make some comments among which they stood out, “how good they both looked”, “the beautiful couple they formed” and even that “Angela was better than Belinda”.

On the other hand, the interpreter and also former judge of past editions of “La Voz México”, Belinda starred in her most recent premiere, “Mamacita”, which she performed on the arm of the famous duet “Chino y Nacho” as well as “Showtek”. a Dutch electronic music duo.

Belinda and Christian Nodal have remained together since they met in the last edition of “La Vo México” where they served as coaches, at which time the attraction between them began to emerge and until then they still remain together.

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The courtship of the artists has not been without controversy and they constantly occupy the first headlines with some of the samples they share on social networks or with their new musical proposals, such as in this case the songs they recently released.