Was it Christian nodal? Belinda dedicates song by José Alfredo

Was it Christian nodal? Belinda dedicates song by José Alfredo | Instagram

Nowadays the singer Belinda is one of the celebrities who always ends up being the target of comments and this time it would be a song that she will dedicate at some point what would leave her fans speechless by dedicating a song by José Alfredo Jiménez and it would not be to Christian nodal.

Belinda, who today stars in one of her best personal and professional moments, participates as one of the judges of “La Voz Kids” in the 2021 edition and recently a project has marked her return to the screens, but a video rescued the sample dedicating a song of the divo from Guanajuato José Alfredo Jiménez?

This drew much attention since generally the songs of the remembered interpreter of “El Rey” to mention just one of his entire successful discography, are lyrics that speak of “heartbreak”.

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Why wouldn’t it be for Christian Nodal?

Without a doubt, Belinda’s voice could be put to the test with any song, since from a very young age, the famous one would venture into the world of show business, however, it never ceases to surprise her that “pop star“interpret a song so different from what your genre is, although today today you have more than ever a strong connection with ranchera music by your partner, Christian Nodal.

The particular moment was when the girlfriend of the regional artist, who then stood out as a child figure, dedicated the song “If we are left” to the star and actress Irma Serrano, “La Tigresa”.

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However, at one point in her life, Belinda would resume this same song accompanied by the mariachi and regardless of the cultural differences she would dedicate this song to one of her ex-partners, the illusionist Criss Angel, this, during the stage in which they were both boyfriends. In 2016, in the video scenes, the magician appears enjoying the interpretation of his famous girlfriend who also performed “Like someone who loses a star.”

At that time, Belinda projected an image of a woman in love and happy before the American escapist and musician ended up disappointing her. Moments that have surely been left behind for the current Netflix actress, who is very happy in the company of the Sonoran, who today have stood out as one of the most popular couples in the show.

Recently, the controversy would take hold of the Spanish who stands out in the middle of her participation in the reality show for wearing a rather multifaceted style and it was on one of these last occasions that a very particular outfit made her the target of strong comments.

In one of the broadcasts of the program, the young singer appeared with a skirt with which she paid tribute to one of her favorite music groups, Iron Maiden.

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It did not take long for some followers of the genre to react and launch strong criticism by not thinking that the interpreter of songs such as “Bella treason”, “Utopia”, “Love at first sight”, “In love you have to forgive”, etc., was a true admirer of this group, referring to the fact that she would have done it more as a matter of fashion.

Belinda was not silent before the comments and responded forcefully to some of them in which she pointed to certain people who lacked pop culture and who needed to go to her instagram to realize that she also has varied musical tastes.

With unique and different styles, every week she delights all her “belifans” who are the ones who support her and flatter her in her appearances, although without a doubt, the moments that have become the favorites of her fans are the ones she stars in with Christian Nodal.

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The romantic moments in which many of his followers do not miss the opportunity to question when there will be a wedding between the romantic duet.