Was it AIDS? The end of Luis Rey, Luis Miguel’s book clarifies

Was it AIDS? The end of Luis Rey, Luis Miguel’s book clarifies | Instagram

For many years, various versions and speculations have surrounded the mysterious ending of Luis Rey, father of singer Luis Miguel, one of the strongest versions refers to the fact that the former manager of the “Sol de México” would have been the victim of a serious condition. AIDS? A new book sheds light on the subject.

With the seasons of the authorized bioseries of Luis Miguel, old wounds would open for the Puerto Rican artist who would relive both moments of light and darkness in his enigmatic and prolific life within the world of music.

The departure of his father would represent something very difficult for the “star king” to handle, which was also recently confirmed by a very close friend of the family, Octavio Foncerrada, the Gallego Basteri family doctor and a good friend of Luis Rey. confirmed it.

Javier León Herrera at the premiere of Luis Miguel’s Netflix series. Instagram

Apparently Luisito Rey, would have lost his life after presenting a picture of fulminant pneumonia on December 9, 1992, the same version that confirmed the fiction of Netflix in its first season in 2018, however, for many years it was attributed that the root of the “Luismi’s” father’s health problems were due to AIDS.

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What does Luis Miguel’s book say?

Javier León Herrera, one of the specialists who has carried out in-depth research on the trajectory and personal life of “Micky”, author of the books “Luis Miguel: La Historia” and “Oro de Rey, Luis Miguel, La Biografía” clarifies everything on the causes that led to the end of the Spanish artist.

The constant excesses of the composer, added to the illness that he presented related to AIDS, complicated his health, the condition of Luis Gallego Sánchez upon arrival at the hospital was very fragile, he presented a picture of anemia and malnutrition, which, thanks to addictions, became complicated even fatal.

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Suspicions of his true condition became stronger after the singer-songwriter of “La Gran Ciudad” was transferred to the Llobregat University Hospital, a place specialized in treating venereal diseases at that time.

At one time various versions circulated that “Luis Rey” as he was artistically known may have contracted the virus on a trip to Cuba in 1989, according to TVyNovelas magazine, however, nothing was ever mentioned at the time so as not to affect the career of his son, since in those years it also meant a great scandal.

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For his part, Luis Rey’s brother, Mario Vicente Gallego, told a show program that his brother may have lost his life as a result of his ad! Cc! Ones since he apparently had traces of substances and alcohol in his blood. .

Luisito Rey would go into a coma in a moment and never woke up again, it was precisely the family doctor who confirmed that Luis Miguel did not meet Luis Rey, in the midst of his agony.

Even through an interview with Pati Chapoy from the Ventaneando program, the doctor shared that Gallego Basteri’s manager of Argentine origin at that time, Hugo Lopez told him “to accompany him to give news to his boys” (the children by Luis Rey: Luis Miguel and Alejandro Basteri).

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It was a very strong and very difficult moment for both the artist and his brothers, who entered a “cycle of denial and guilt,” he says: They were reluctant to believe the seriousness of their father. Both had already experienced the loss of their mother in 1986, the year in which all trace of her was lost and for which Luis Rey has also been blamed, six years later in 1992, Luis Rey would leave this world without seeing his children in the middle of his mu3rt3 bed.