Was it a conquest of Luis Miguel? Lorena Herrera clarifies it

Was it a conquest of Luis Miguel? Lorena Herrera clarifies it | Instagram

The actress Lorena Herrera lashed out at Luis Miguel after he recently expressed his opinion on the “Sun of Mexico” from whom he claims “success and fame have not made him a better person.”

In a resounding way, the artist Lorena Herrera, who has been active in the industry since 1984, addressed one of the issues that is currently on everyone’s lips, “Luis Miguel”, of whom he noted:

I don’t think he has shown many signs of being a great human being; He would be very handsome, he would be very successful as a singer, he has a great voice, but is he a man to follow because of what he has shown internally? He questioned the histrionic.

And it is that in the midst of the romances that have been part of the music phenomenon, “The Sun of Mexico“It would be the star of Mazatlan origin, Lorena Herrera, who would also have had a meeting with the singer, but was there a romance between them?

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“Was it never to your taste?”

The remembered “collaborator of films and television programs” and actress of soap operas such as “Un little tuyo”, El Premio Mayor “,” Muchachitas “etc., was questioned about an alleged relationship with the” star king “of whom she said” never it was to his liking. “

Lorena Herrera, who was married to Roberto Assad some years ago, shared with various media the meeting she had with the “Sun” where she got to know him more closely,

It was at a popular Acapulco disco where most of the greats met, and although many were crazy about him, she “was never really attracted to his personality,” she commented:

In Baby Oh, which were the times when you lived there every time you went to Acapulco. There he was and all the women were going crazy for him, Lorena said about how she met the singer.

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“They idealize it”

Lorena Herrera de la Vega was very solid in her arguments when launching her opinion towards the music idol, “LuisMi” who, according to many people, “idealized him because he is so famous.”

Now people follow and idealize people just because they are very famous, because they have a lot of money, because they are very beautiful, because they are all operated on, but what? That ends, that leaves. What matters is who you are inside, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I have never seen him be a role model, I have never seen him make large donations, that a certain concert he donated to the elderly or things like that, said the histrionic in an interview with various media.

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It would be the journalist Martha Figueroa who through the program “Con Permiso” recently revealed that Luis Miguel rejected some women from the middle of the show, one of them was Lourdes Munguía.

The journalist commented that it was at an intimate moment and about to consummate it when the “Puerto Rican” chose to reject the television artist after having disapproved of certain details.

Later, his colleague, Juan José Origel, another of the program’s hosts, reiterated part of the fame that has persecuted the celebrity whom they have branded as someone very special and when certain details of his conquests have not seemed to him, he ends up concluding the dates.

According to what the “Monterrey” commented, there would be “several actresses that” El Sol “has” dispatched “because he did not like certain details.”

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It has been “Luis Miguel: La Serie” who once again placed the romantic life of the artist and record producer at the center of the controversy, in the midst of this, several other names of artists have emerged who assure they passed through his life, although the Most of them have crossed out fiction for the unfair treatment that has been given to their image.

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