Was Henry Cavill’s nephew scolded for saying his uncle is Superman? This is the true story !

The ways of the Internet are mysterious. Sometimes it takes a single post to go viral and sometimes it takes a pickup years later. Such is the case of an anecdote that actor Henry Cavill shared about his nephew and the scolding he got when his teacher did not believe him when he began to tell his classmates that his uncle was Superman himself before he turned back. famous for paper.

If you have been on social networks recently, you will realize that there is an anecdote out there about Henry cavill which has become popular. Although with some inaccuracies, it seems to be true. During the Man of Steel – 55% press party, the Briton first shared on the show Graham norton over there in 2013. It all started when Thomas, his nephew, went to school in a Superman shirt on a day when students were going to talk about their families:

He is famous at school for telling fantastic tales. It was with his Superman shirt. The teacher asked her ‘why are you using it?’ and he answered ‘well because my uncle is Superman’. At the end of the day, my sister-in-law goes to pick him up and the teacher says ‘really enough, you have to talk to your son, now he is lying to everyone and tells them that his uncle is Superman’. And she replies: ‘unfortunately that’s the way it is.’ He turns around, puts his hands on his hips and says ‘I told you so’ and then he goes and gets in the car.

As you know, Cavill’s role in that first Zack Snyder movie for the DCEU was the one that made him famous. He had already appeared in British series such as The Tudors, but it became globally known as the newest version of our favorite Kryptonian. From then on, he has appeared in all kinds of action movies and most recently has taken the lead role in The Witcher series – 67%.

The role as Clark Kent is a very famous one, but oddly enough, it’s not the only high-profile role the actor almost got. He himself has said that he was nowhere near being the new James Bond when that role ended up being for Daniel Craig. Likewise, he says that he was one of the first options to be Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga – 48%, as he was one of the favorites of the author of the novels on which those films are based.

Cavill has repeatedly reiterated that he loves the role of Superman and would love to put the cape back on. Although we saw him as Kent last March in Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82%, fans have asked for a new movie about the Man of Steel even though the studio seems much more interested in a reboot of the character now that they have moved away from that director’s plans for the mega-franchise.

At the moment, the closest project that comes with the interpreter is the second season of The witcher, a show that could reach Netflix with its new episodes before the end of the year. After that, it is known that there is a reboot of Highlander – The Immortal – 68% who have set their eyes on him to be its protagonist and that he likes the idea. Likewise, he has said that he continues to pursue being the new 007, although the producers of the saga assure that they are not yet thinking of casting for the next version of that character.

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