Was crying! Daniel Bisogno after discussion with singer

Was crying! Daniel Bisogno after discussion with singer | Instagram

Since 1997, Daniel Bisogno has been part of the program’s hosts Windowing, who is characterized by issuing inaccurate comments and sometimes causing problems with other celebrities, as was the case with Ana Barbara singer of the Mexican regional.

The program is known for sharing news relevant to the show where some situations in which certain stars participate are discussed, they issue their comments and others, it has been on more than one occasion that some of the drivers have had confrontations with someone, although in their the majority has been Daniel.

Five years ago a video was shared on the Official Rey Grupero De Zumpango YouTube channel, entitled “Ana Bárbara fights with Daniel Bisogno”, we will share it with you right away.

The first episode of Ventaneando was launched on January 22, 1996 and a year later they were counting on the leadership of the actor Daniel bisogno who to date continues to be one of the viewers’ favorite conductors due to the fact that he often makes unusual comments.

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His popularity is due to the fact that he always says what he thinks without thinking many times about the consequences, it seems rather reckless for some personalities with whom he has had friction, as was the case of the beautiful Reina Grupera Ana Bárbara.

In one of the transmissions that was being done in the program perhaps more than 20 years ago, they were talking about the interpreter of “Bandit“, when Aurora Valle was sharing a note in the program where she talked about the aesthetic adjustments to which the singer.

As expected, the drivers began to comment on this situation when Daniel Bisogno also known as the DollHe mentioned that the beautiful singer had her eyes wide apart and even added that she looked “Martian”.

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It was precisely Ana Bárbara’s mother who told her what had happened in the program, causing great annoyance to the beautiful celebrity, she immediately contacted Pati chapoy, the person in charge of directing the program and asked her to be able to face the host in the program, to use the same means that he had used to refer to this rudeness as she considered it.

The same day they spoke on the phone was when he visited the forum, for his part Chapoy decided not to make any comment to his colleagues so that everything was a surprise that for Pedrito Sola it was joy and for Bisogno it would be terror as she herself mentioned.

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The Queen Grupera he was accompanied by Irma Serrano “La Tigresa”, already being in the program at the first opportunity he began to complain to the driver who did not know what he had done wrong, at that moment when he realized he mentioned in the video that he was quite upset with production and the people around.

It was Pati Chapoy herself who mentioned that her partner was crying, perhaps because of the courage and helplessness she felt at having been approached in that way, especially because it was a surprise for him, both mention that they have nothing against the other driver for his part, he mentioned that his annoyance was not with Ana Bárbara but with other people.

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For her part, the interpreter of “And I searched for it” stated that at that time she was pregnant and that it was apparently a hormonal issue, but that she did not hate Bisogno, later she realized that what she had done was not so good, because her person is not like that.

Despite this meeting, the driver has never stopped making his comments regardless of what it causes, it is known that he is not usually so prudent, but it is something that characterizes him, just as there are those who adore him, others cannot see him even in paint .