Warriors 2021: Raquel Becker, the beautiful member of the Cobras team

Rachel Becker, the beautiful athlete and former member of the reality show Exatlón, has given much to talk about in recent days with her participation in the Televisa program Guerreros 2021 belonging to the Cobras team, drawing the attention of the followers due to her skill, physical power and beauty that has fallen in love and enchanted more than one.

Becker, during her time at the United States Exatlon, was in sixth place in the 2018 edition for three years after returning but being out of the competition at the first change, despite being recognized as a famous athlete in the disciplines of swimming, climbing and parkour, and now she has continued to attract attention by being one of the new participants in Televisa’s Guerreros 2021 program.

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In addition, Raquel has stood out in the world of acting by participating in internationally recognized productions such as the Lord of the Skies, being the double of Karla Carrillo, also participating in series such as Las Malcriadas and Atrapada, gaining love and acceptance of the public.

In turn, she participated in the program La Fortaleza: El Reto Sagrado in 2017 and where she highlighted her great physical abilities and her skill as an athlete, achieving second place in the competition and being very loved by the followers of the same show who recognized her. like a great participant.

Raquel Becker was born in 1992 in Mexico and since she was little she showed a great passion for sports since she was five years old, where she practiced every day and was very active in their physical activity, and then at age 12 she moved in the sport. gymnastics and later become a great athlete by having good performances in the Warriors 2021 program.

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