Warrington demanded immediate revenge against Mexican Bronco Lara

Erika montoya

Mexico City / 18.02.2021 18:58:08

One week from Surprise that Mexican Mauricio Lara gave by knocking out former champion Josh Warrington at home in 9 rounds, The Leeds Warrior asked that as soon as possible they avenge that rematch.

After undergoing several medical tests, to rule out any abnormalities – including jaw fracture – Warrington spoke with his promoter, the Englishman Eddie Hearn, to ask for the end of the summer that the rematch clause had been valid.

Warrington, who started the year as featherweight champion for the International Boxing Federation and without blemish in his record, first had to leave the crown vacant after the body ordered him to face Kid Galahad on a mandatory basis, but after a year of absence of the strung Warrington preferred to vacate the title, take a preparation fight against the Bronco Lara and then go after the monarch Xu Can. Everything faded after that nine-round knockout.

Although Hearn and others attributed the defeat to lack of activity, the Mexican opened the door with authority making it clear that a rematch is a serious risk.

However, for the former champion this duel is a matter of pride, as he declared:

“Maybe he had an eye on what was coming after he beat this guy (Lara). I still believe that this guy is not on my level, but it is not easy to say after he knocked me out. In skills, I don’t think he’s on the same level. He knocked me out and at the end of the day it’s sport and these things happen ”, he concluded.