This potential cyclone that can become a tropical storm does not pose a danger to the Mexican territory

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The Coast Guard increased the alert for the ports of the US Virgin Islands and of Puerto Rico before a cyclone potential which can become tropical storm tonight or tomorrow Wednesday before arriving at the Leeward Islands, in the Caribbean.

The Coast Guard today urged the maritime sector to remain alert to forecasts and take precautions, since this system has the possibility of strengthening itself and becoming storm, with sustained winds greater than 62.76 kilometers per hour that can arrive within 48 hours.

The alert Issued today, called X-RAY, reminds mariners that there is no safe haven in these port facilities and that ports are safer when the inventory of vessels is minimal.

Hence, it instructs all ocean commercial ships in excess of 500 gross tons to make plans to exit the port and those who wish to remain there to apply before the stricter YANKEE Port Status is established and takes effect. .

With YANKEE, which means strong winds are expected tropical storm Within 24 hours, the movement of boats will be restricted and all movement must be approved by the captain of the port of San Juan de la Guardia Guardia.

The Coast Guard recommends that vessels heading to the US Virgin Islands or to Puerto Rico that they look for an alternative destination in case they cannot set sail and leave the port 24 hours before the arrival of the winds of the storm.

He cyclone potential number 9 already has maximum sustained winds of almost 40 miles per hour (65 km / h) and can become tropical storm tonight or tomorrow Wednesday before arriving at the Leeward Islands, in the Caribbean.

Nine, which will be renamed Isaiah if, as forecast, it strengthens in the coming hours, it was at around 15.00 GMT on Tuesday 585 miles (940 kilometers) east-southeast of the Leeward Islands (Lesser Antilles) and was moving west 23 miles per hour (37 km / h), according to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC).

The trajectory pattern indicates that it will pass over the Leeward Islands on Wednesday and will approach or pass over the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico that same day at night and near or on the island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti) on Thursday.

Puerto Rico, which is the territory and Commonwealth of the United States, suffered in 2017 the passage of three strong hurricanes that caused serious damage, especially Hurricane Maria, which in September of that year « destroyed » the island, leaving thousands dead and devastating infrastructure.