WarnerMedia to release its 2022 films in theaters before streaming

Editing of The Batman, The Flash, Shazam and Black Adam

This year 2021 has further exacerbated the tensions between cinema chains and film distributors. The decision to make simultaneous premieres on streaming platforms has generated tensions. WarnerMedia was one of those leading the way in that regard when it announced last year that its 2021 releases, beginning with “Wonder Woman 1984” in December 2020, would have their simultaneous release on both media.

However, this will be a measure that will only cover 2021. The CEO of WarnerMedia, Jason kilar, has confirmed that its great films of 2022 will recover the idea of ​​first being released in theaters and then on the streaming platform HBO Max. In fact, in his comment, he even uses a DC movie as an example, such as “The Batman” or “Black Adam”, one of the DC releases for 2022.

I think it’s very fair to say that a great, you know, let’s say a great DC movie… it’s very fair to say that that would exclusively go to theaters first and then go somewhere like an HBO Max, after being in theaters.

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Along the same lines, Cineworld, the company that owns the Regal cinema chain in the United States, has already announced that it has an agreement to show Warner films on their screens for 45 days before they go live. It is reasonable to assume that Warner would have planned to do the same with other large theater chains such as AMC.

It should be said that although WarnerMedia or Disney are making their premieres this year applying some type of formula that encompasses streaming, all have expressed their desire that their great films return to theaters.

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