Warner didn’t want The Hollywood Reporter’s Justice League investigation to come to light

The controversy around the DC film universe seems to have no end, as the accusations against director Joss Whedon continue (Avengers: Age of Ultron – 75%, Much Noise and Few Nuts – 84%, The Avengers – 92%), since this Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter prepared an account of the conflicts that have arisen between the filmmaker and the actor who plays the character of Cyborg, Ray Fisher, who since last year reported inappropriate behavior on the part of Whedon in the filming of League of Justice. Kim masters, responsible for the article, retweeted the publication of The Hollywood Reporter on his Twitter account and revealed the discomfort of the study, while in his same Twitter thread, he thanked the support of his editor and other collaborators of the medium for which he works .

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Mainly, Masters’s article focuses on recapping the statements he has made Ray fisher Since 2020, however, much of the controversy that has arisen over the article is due to accusations made by other stars of the cast against Joss WhedonAmong them, the one that has generated the most stir is the one that comes from the actress Gal Gadot (Fast and Furious – 53%, Fast and Furious 5in Control – 78%, Wifi Ralph – 91%), interpreter of Wonder Woman, who had problems recording some of the dialogues of the film with which she did not agree and that as a result of this she was pressured by the director to record the lines, because refusing would make her character was ridiculed in the film, which in the long run, would damage Gadot’s reputation and artistic career. This is Masters tweet:

Warner didn’t want me to write this story, to put it very mildly. I want to thank my editor, Dave, and Nekesa Mumbi Moody.

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As part of the THR report, other Warner executives are also mentioned, including: Geoff Johns and Walter hamada; the first has been accused by Ray fisher of inappropriate behaviors related to the filming of League of Justice. It seems that the League of Justice has become a constant concern for Warner, as after the premiere of Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82% have come to light more information about the production of the two versions of the film, information that evidently compromises the business ethics of Warner Bros. and calls into question the executive decisions and behavior of the personnel related to the universe film of DC, because despite doing everything possible to please its fandom, it has turned against Warner, pressuring the company to once and for all decide to rebuild the Snyderverse and not restart the franchise of superheroes as planned.

Be that as it may, the controversies surrounding both versions of the League of Justice They have achieved that the film is in the eye of the hurricane, that the fans are concerned about the conditions in which the films that they are so passionate about are produced and that those who are involved in them have better working conditions, while making the production houses the importance and influence that fans have for great film productions.

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At the end of the day, the words of Kim masters they only show the bad practices to which Warner Bros. has resorted to try to silence all the controversy produced by Fisher’s accusations, or failing that they have managed to increase the morbidity around the conflict between the actor and the company and with it encourage speculation and hype about the future of DC superhero-related productions.