Warner Bros. would have censored Zack Snyder for publishing the image of Batman practicing oral sex

Without a doubt, Zack Snyder is the name most mentioned in the entertainment industry, especially since March of this year. And it is that much beyond what Zack Snyder’s Justice League meant – 82%, who turned out better than anyone would have expected, also had the opportunity to move to Netflix where, they said, they had much more creative freedom than at any other company they have worked for before.

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What identifies both the director of Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice – 27%, is that more than a filmmaker he gets carried away like a fan when it comes to comics, which has become clear after previous statements in the who assured that he would be willing to return to superhero movies for the simple fact of being a world that he likes. His impact on DC Comics fans has taken place thanks to his closeness to his followers.

Snyder turns out to be a fan of superheroes telling stories about them, so his relationship with his audience is quite close and that explains the euphoria with which they defend him by doing great campaigns like #RestoreTheSyderverse. Although his work with Warner Bros. has already been forgotten by the company, in recent weeks it seemed that the conflicts had subsided after the silence of the executives, however, recently they could have censored the director on social networks.

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One of the most controversial topics of the week starring the creator of The Army of the Dead – 78% was the image of Batman practicing oral sex on Catwoman, of whom it has always been known that there is a certain sexual tension and, perhaps, the most erotic that had been seen was Michelle Pfeiffer’s kiss to Michael Keaton in Batman Returns – 81%. All this arose because Justin halpern, co-creator of the animated series Harley quinnHe assured that the aforementioned characters would have that sexual moment, but DC forbade it because “heroes don’t do that” and people would no longer be interested in buying the toys.

In support of Halpern, Snyder shared the illustration that confirms that such an act is canon generating endless comments. So far it is not known with certainty who is the author of the image that the director shared, but despite this, on Twitter the publication was replaced by an announcement in which it is ensured that the image was claimed for copyright. Until now it has been speculated that this complaint must have been made by Warner Bros. or DC for the use of their characters; The question is, how many images of comics have been shared on the networks and have not been censored?

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It is worth mentioning that the scene shared by Zack continues in force on the Vero social network, another platform where he joins various conversations with his fans. There has not yet arisen any kind of copyright claim. Finally, it is important to recognize that outside of the conflict between the filmmaker and the company, his absence from the studio has generated many discussions within, as there has been talk in media such as that HBO Max would be willing to resume the Snyderverse, as well as Dwayne Johnson at Black Adam, and other executives continue to refuse.

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