Warner Bros. refuses to fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2

Warner Bros. Refuses to Fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 (AP)

Warner Bros. Refuses to Fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 | AP

The Warner Bros. studio apparently prefers to stay with the actress Amber heard and not to get involved in conflicts with those who are on his side so he refuses to fire her from the “Aquaman 2” movie, despite the fact that millions of people do not want to see her there.

There is no doubt that Amber Heard has had a pretty beaten path in Hollywood in recent years, as the beautiful actress became involved in legal battles due to her controversial marriage to Johnny Depp.

It is worth mentioning that because of this, Johnny Depp was fired from Fantastic Animals 3, however she has managed to keep her role in “Aquaman 2“like Princess Mera.

Now new information indicates that the Warner study does not want to get rid of the actress for fear that the company’s public relations will be hindered, since after all, she was declared the winner in the London trial and therefore is considered a officially as a victim of domestic violence.

As you may recall, Amber Heard first appeared as Mera in “Justice League”, a film in which she has a conversation with Arthur Curry about the Mother Box residing in Atlantis; she tries to stop the theft of Steppenwolf, but fails.

The character returned in “Aquaman“as an ally and love interest of the protagonist, thus fascinating the public with her beauty, powers and reckless attitude.

Without a doubt, for a time, Heard enjoyed the affection of the public as the new superhero of the DCEU, especially at the end of 2018; However, the goodwill of the networks did not last long, since this year it began to be repudiated by Internet users, who apparently will not rest until they see it outside of “Aquaman 2”.

However, the passage of Heard For the second solo adventure of “Aquaman” is final and in fact she confirmed it herself during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, stating that her joy at starting the recordings is very great.

On the other hand, Mikey Sutton of Geekosity, popular on social networks for being aware of the ins and outs in show business, pointed out that Warner does not want to fire Amber from “Aquaman 2” for fear of retaliation and damaging his ties with partners.

Well, after all, the 34-year-old actress has justice on her side and the studio prefers not to go against the current in this delicate situation.

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For Warner Bros. to remove an actress who was a victim of spousal abuse will create even worse public relations, executives fear, despite what she is also accused of. “

Apparently at the moment Amber You can rest assured that your contract with “Aquaman 2” is safe, however, it is important to note that the future is very uncertain for her, since social networks do not want her and online there are several requests to remove her from the project, one has been signed by hundreds of thousands.

It should be noted that the vast majority of Internet users remain on the side of Johnny Depp, even after being fired from “Fantastic Beasts 3”.

On the other hand it has been said that Warner Bros. It is intended to reduce its impact, but we will only be able to see it until the big premiere in late 2022.

“Aquaman” is the most successful film in the DCEU and of course the studio does not want to lose the character or Jason Momoa and he and Wonder Woman represent the salvation of the troubled franchise.

It only remains to hope that Zack Snyder’s Justice League contributes a little to bring order after years of poor decisions.

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