As Deadline reports, Warner Bros. has begun development of a film adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s fantasy novel, ‘The Halloween Tree’, with Will Dunn as the writer of the script. The tape will be a co-production by Warner Bros. and production company 42, while Charlie Morrison will oversee the project.

First published in 1972, the story follows Tom and his schoolmates, who go out to order candy on Halloween. However, their plans for that special night change when they begin to investigate strange events in their small town. To make matters worse, his friend Pip is kidnapped by a powerful demon from the Land of the Dead. With the help of a strange ally, a mysterious figure named Moundshroud, Tom and his friends must travel to the Land of the Dead to save their friend.

In the book, the children and Moundshroud search for Pip through time and space traveling to ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, and to places such as the Cathedral of Notre Dame in medieval Paris and the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Along the way, they learn the origins of the festivities they celebrate, the role that fear has played in death, ghosts, and dens in the formation of civilization. The Halloween tree itself, with its many branches, serves as a metaphor for the historical confluence of these traditions.

‘The Halloween Tree’ was first adapted into a 1993 animated film, also written by Bradbury and with Leonard Nimoy as narrator. For this work, Bradbury received the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing.