Despite the fact that Warner had indicated for a couple of months the intention to launch a sixth season of Lucifer, the series based on the character of Vertigo created by Neil Gaiman, it was reported in the media that the major impediment to continuing the series was Tom Ellis, the protagonist of the program, who did not want to return to the character without a new contractual agreement.

In April, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rumor spread that Tom Ellis had turned down Warner Bros. Television’s offer to do a new season of Lucifer. The problem increased when it was reported that Ellis had signed a contract extension with Warner, so it was rumored that Ellis and Warner would start a lawsuit for breach of contract.

Well, according to TVLine, Ellis finally fixed his problems with Warner, and agrees to keep the contract they already had signed. Thus, now it only remains for Netflix – owner of the distribution rights of the series and co-producer of recent seasons – to give them the green light, to make season 6 of Lucifer official. Even though it’s already recorded, Netflix hasn’t released season 5 yet, so it could wait for the renewal announcement until shortly after the premiere of the new batch of episodes. Netflix almost certainly will agree to produce season 6Because they were the ones who wanted the series to not end with the season that is about to premiere, and they signed Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, producers of Lucifer, for an eventual sixth season.

Ellis has gained worldwide fame thanks to Lucifer since its 2016 premiere. Lucifer premiered on Fox and lasted three seasons before being canceled. But his fame, especially outside of the United States, led Netflix to revive the series for a fourth season, then touted season 5 as the last of the show, and now we will almost certainly see a season 6.