Warn WhatsApp! Delete the account of those who use another app

Warn WhatsApp!  Delete the account of those who use another app (Pixabay)

Warn WhatsApp! Delete the account of those who use another app | Pixabay

It seems that the application of WhatsApp has alerted users to the nature of third-party applications that disrupt the popular instant messaging system and has warned those who have another app to delete the account.

Unfortunately, not everything is happiness in the world of those who use APKs to obtain a better service, since WhatsApp has decided to delete the accounts of users who use WhatsApp Plus, an alternative application that has been gaining followers in recent weeks.

The warning was posted by WhatsApp on its official website and harms those who have downloaded unauthorized applications such as WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp.

If after your account has been temporarily suspended you do not start using the official version of WhatsApp, your account could be permanently suspended, ”the statement said.

As we mentioned earlier, WhatsApp also warned about the nature of third-party applications that alter the popular messaging system.

Unsupported apps, like WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or those that claim to be able to move your WhatsApp chats from one phone to another, are altered versions of WhatsApp. These unofficial applications are developed by third parties and violate our Terms of Service. WhatsApp does not endorse the use of these third-party applications because it is not possible to validate their security practices, “they said.

It is worth mentioning that the ultimatum of WhatsApp takes place a few weeks after announcing the changes in its privacy policies, which have caused the flight of millions of users.

On the other hand, users of the instant messaging application are receiving a viral message that hides a virus capable of stealing passwords and personal information.

The threat was discovered by the cyber security company ESET and consists of this simple message on WhatsApp:

Download this application and win a mobile phone ”. Afterwards, a link appears that apparently leads to the Google Play Store.

What malware does is make the user believe WhatsApp you need to download a Huawei app.

Enter here and meet Show News on Youtube!

Once the application is installed thanks to the deception done in WhatsApp, the malware will require the activation of access to notifications and other options that put the privacy of users at risk.

The result will be the malware running in the background and appearing above other applications; in this way, it records passwords and bank details.

Finally, the virus takes advantage of the WhatsApp system to share the false message among the contacts and thus repeat the operation with another victim.

Something that has also happened a lot in recent days is that users have wanted to delete their WhatsApp account and these are the steps:

Enter the WhatsApp application. Click on the Menu button at the top. Go to ‘Settings’. Once there, another menu will open with the details of your profile and you must press the Account option there. At the bottom you will see the option to ‘Delete account’

To finish you just have to accept the warning and your account will be deleted, but it is also important that you must remember that the message history, all the groups you created and the Google Drive backup will be deleted.

Since 2014, WhatsApp has enjoyed great popularity, even becoming the top chat application and through it we can make video calls and calls abroad for free, communicate with our closest loved ones or coordinate some type of event or work meeting through text messages, in addition to sending videos, photos. But apparently everything has changed only for a key within the conditions and services.

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