Warm water is important for cold water fish

Help the fish survive

One of the biggest conservation challenges is figuring out how to help cold-water fish survive in warmer environments. Normally, efforts are usually focused on saving the coldest places, such as high mountain streams. However, as according to the researchers, it should not be overlooked the places that are warm in summer, since fish need hot and cold waters to survive.

In the study, the researchers note that warm river habitats provide pulses of potential growth during spring and fall. During these intermediate seasons the rivers do not reach their maximum summer temperatures. Therefore, foraging in these warm habitats can provide fish enough energy to travel to colder areas from the river during the summer and reproduce.

As the team of researchers argue, the synergy between hot and cold water is truly important. In fact, warm basins are important because it is the place where the fish grow during spring and fall. Therefore, the conservation of this habitat is essential to take advantage of the full potential of rivers and to support fishing.