A message of peace by putting the Dominican and Haitian flags together in an image, as Cardi B explained, ended in a frontal war between the famous rapper and her colleague Aliany García. Until threats there was in the heat of the cybernetic discussion that both have these days and that made Cardi B swear never to return to the Dominican Republic.

Aliany Garcia said through a video that, unlike the rapper, she does not need anyone to assert her, referring to her husband Offest who has helped Cardi B in her rise as a singer.

« I break a tooth, it is more I kill … take care of me, go to Haiti and put a job so that I never catch a plane and leave here, because everyone knows what you did to me, you talk about supporting the Dominican « , expressed in his networks Aliany Gracia directed to the rapper of Dominican origin.

The barrage did not stop: « You are envious, because you saw that I was going up and you were angry with me, because I said: – » cchange my flow as Cardi B, the Dominican that was going up, but I am harder than you without the thousands of dollars that you are investing.  »

García also said that it does not matter how many dollars his opponent owns, since economic stability does not buy the brain or the talent.

She also made it clear that she would never speak about the interpreter of « Press « .

« I will not speak about you again, but if you are going to speak more about me, write down the date … go to Haiti to put a little job, because with me you are not going to be able, no longer my love I am not afraid of you, I I’m not a lambona like everyone who goes to your live and comments, « said the Dominican.

+ The conflict

It all started in 2018, when Aliany García mentioned Cardi B in one of her singles, « I want to plate a player. « 

This topic caused a stir on Instagram, which forced García to make a post venting.

In that publication, she accused her followers of double standards, because according to her, her songs contained the same obscenities as those of Cardi and praised her for all her follies, while she was condemned and had as the worst scum.

Right away Cardi B replied by doing one of her famous live, where he explained that « looking for problems with her would not benefit her at all ».

« You, trying to find a problem with me, that does not benefit you mommy, you are talking so much about me, that is not leaving you benefit because you do not know when I go to the Dominican Republic and if I suddenly like one of your music and I make a song with you and put you on my page. That is why envious people never get out of that box they are in, « Cardi B said in 2018.

This further fueled the problem and Aliany’s response was immediate. On Instagram, he replied saying that he should be very careful, that the one who was looking for problems was Cardi, since she was not Nicky Minaj or any of the others with whom Offset’s wife has had conflicts, making it clear that she was not afraid of him.

« Be careful, my girl, that fame does not go to your head that you do not know who Aliany García is here in the Dominican Republic; I do not need to do anything featuring with anyone or lean on anyone’s fame. You need a Nacho book for you to read, not with me « . This response further fueled the war.

The dimes and diretes have rolled all over Instagram and in one of the many responses from both, Cardi wrote through Instagram: « Imagine, I arguing with a person who … this that I have was bought by my husband, I have diamonds, a house, a car and you are with the ´tigueres´ in the DR, without getting a visa yet. Merry Christmas ».

After that, one of Aliany’s fan club accounts told Cardi that her husband did not respect her and other offenses.